Is your snoring a problem for you or others?

Is the snoring of others a concern for you?

Dr. Haselhorst is now providing a revolutionary new dental appliance called the TheraSnore to eliminate or greatly reduce his patient’s snoring problems. “The success has been amazing”, says Dr Haselhorst. It works non-surgically by naturally opening the airway and looks a little like a small athletic mouth guard. Worn only during sleep, the TheraSnore allows more normal, natural breathing while asleep. This new non-invasive appliance could help tens of millions of people achieve “soundless” sleep

According to Dr. Haselhorst, “TheraSnore eliminates or greatly reduces snoring in about 85 percent of the patient properly fit”. “I now wake up feeling more rested then every before” says Joseph Oliveto, a TheraSnore user.

“A few years ago I decided to have surgery done on my throat to see if it would help me stop snoring” said John Prather, “The surgery itself was not painful but the three weeks after were!” His wife found a dentist that suggested the TheraSnore. “There was no surgery or any invasive procedure” recalls Mr. Prather, “The dentist custom fit it to my mouth in fifteen minutes and that was it.” Mr. Prather puts in his TheraSnore before bed and now he and his wife get the sleep they need. “TheraSnore is great!” says Mr. Prather.

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