Naperville Family Dentist

Joseph A. Haselhorst D.D.S


Dr. Haselhorst has been helping patient with their dental anxieties since he started practicing in 1984. In our office we have created a relaxed, informal atmosphere to help calm your dental anxieties as soon as you enter our office.

We also provide the option of Nitrous Oxide, to further help our patients relax before treatment begins. Additionally, our dentist uses a variety of non-traditional, modern procedures and equipment to reduce the length, number and invasiveness of treatment.

By using a dental laser Doctor Haselhorst can eliminate the need for injecting a local anesthetic. This is because it is the sound, vibration, pressure and heat, which is produced when using a drill that causes the discomfort. All of this means needle free and drill free dentistry.

And when performing cleanings, at your regular visits, our Hygienist can use the Prophy-jet which means no polishing hand piece (no sound, vibration, pressure and heat) or unpleasant tasting, gritty polishing paste. The Prophy-jet uses an water born abrasive, under pressure to polish the teeth.

The doctor also does one-visit root canals, which mean that follow-up visits to complete the root canal are no longer needed. Less visits and time spent at the dentist.