We are excited about the advances in dental implants. They are one of the most significant developments in dentistry, and implants have enabled us to improve the quality of our patient’s lives. After 35 years of intensive worldwide research and success rates is often greater than 95%, implants are considered the “standard of care.”

As you know our office is committed to offering the most advanced technology that will help our patients. Nobel Biocare has long been viewed as the leader in dental implants. Nobel Biocare has the most complete implant system available to general dentistry.

They are the only company with full FDA clearance for immediate loading of all their implant systems. That FDA clearance is very important to us because we see fantastic opportunities with immediate loading. Nobel Biocare refers to this as immediate function, since it makes possible the placement of both the implant(s) and pontic(s) in a single dental visit, not a 1-year or even 6-month waiting period.

Crowns are the most commonly requested implant service. With the Nobel Biocare system the implants that the crowns will attach to are placed first.
Once the implants are in place, the crown or pontic is fastened to the implant The final result is superior to a regular crowns in both esthetics and durability.

Of course it is possible to also place bridges, partials and full denture with this same implant system. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about implants.